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Into The Rift Volume Three Submissions

Open Call for Submissions

Announcing Submission Guidelines for Into The Rift Volume Three

This year the submission guidelines are very similar to last year.  Here are the major details:

  • Dates: May 2nd – June 15th, 2018
  • Submission Length: No limit within reason (recommended cap is 20 minutes).
  • Theme: A Gentler Time (See below for details)
  • Include with submissions (More details on these items below):
    • Profile / Bio: Please include a bio of about 100-200 words
    • Contact information: List of social media, email, etc.
  • Submit via:
    • Files may be sent via WeTransfer,, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. DO NOT POST on SoundCloud, BandCamp, Internet Archive, or other public sharing sites
    • Include links in contact form information.
    • Specify ITRV3 in the contact form.
  • Audio File Specifications:
    • Must be encoded in a lossless format: WAV, PCM, FLAC
    • Should be at least 16bit encoded (prefer 24bit encoding)
    • Sample rate: Prefer 48Khz (or higher), but 44.1Khz or above is accepted.
  • All submissions must be new, previously un-plublished / released works.  No previously released works will be accepted.
  • All works submitted to Into The Rift Volume Three will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike license, unless CerebralAudio agrees to a different Creative Commons license. (See below for more information.)

Here’s some more detailed information:

Theme: A Gentler Time

When we were younger we had a different perception of the world.  Many believe that it was a kinder, gentler place than it is today.  Let’s take a trip into the past and explore things that we hold dear as being part of our formative years.  Things that we believed in before confronting the “real” world.


Below is a more detailed list of the specifications for submissions.  Please make certain to follow all of the guidelines.  Use the Contact Form if you have any questions.

  • When: Submissions are accepted from May 2nd through June 15th, 2018. Any submissions after the deadline will be rejected for inclusion the compilation.
  • Unreleased Works: Only previously unreleased works will be accepted for the compilation.
  • Audio Files: All works are required to meet the following criteria:
    • Encoding:  FLAC, WAV (PCM) or ALAC files will be accepted. No lossy compression formats (MP3, OGG, SPEEX, AAC, etc.) will be accepted.
    • Bit Depth: 24bit encodings are recommended.  16bit encoding will be accepted.
    • Sampling Rate: 48KHz is recommended.  Other sampling rates (44.1KHz and 96KHz) will be accepted,. Non-standard / odd sampling rates (like 20KHz) will not be accepted.
    • Stereo recordings are preferred.  Mono, multi-channel recordings are less likely to be accepted.
    • Un-mastered Audio: Provide tracks that are not run through a compressor, or mastered in any manner.  Please export tracks at -6db from your DAW in order to leave enough headroom for mastering the overall release. We seek to provide a consistent listening experience throughout the complete release and having tracks that have been mastered in different styles and at different levels makes it difficult to provide a coherent listening experience.
  • Documentation: Submissions must contain the following:
    • The audio recording in a format listed above.
    • A document (plain text file preferred) containing: track title, artist name, artist profile / bio, email address (not for publication), social media contacts, track description (to be used in the liner notes).
    • Indicate if you would do not want your track released on commercial platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, iTunes, etc.
    • Include an image for your profile in the liner notes. A square image (recommended size is 1024×1024 or larger) so they can be scaled to fit in the liner notes.
  • Sending: Submissions need to have all of the items listed above zipped into a file and sent via one of the following:
    • WeTransfer: send to, put “Into The Rift” or “ITRV3” in the subject field.
    • DropBox and  use the Demo Submission Form and put “Into The Rift” or “ITRV3” in the subject field, include the link to the download.
    • Google Drive: share the file with
    • Submissions will not be accepted from: SoundCloud, Face Book, Mixlr,, BandCamp, Internet Archive or other sites.

Common Questions

During previous submissions a number of questions arose. Below is a list of questions and answers to those inquiries and a few more that are likely to come up. Use the Contact Form if you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ.

How Long Can My Track Be?

In the past I suggested 15 minutes was the maximum.  Last year there was no limit, and there weren’t any issues.  This year there is no limit, as long as the lengths are reasonable (suggested 20 minutes or less, but longer tracks will not be rejected).

Do Spoken Word Recordings Need To Be Encoded The Same As Music?

Short answer: yes. Encoding in a lossless format will make it easier to master your work for release.

What’s This About Commercial Platforms?

Cerebral Audio uses a distributor to submit releases to a dozen different digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon MP3, Tidal, etc.

Last year I polled all the artists on the release to find out if they objected to having their tracks released on these platforms. One artist did, so their track was not included in the digital platform release.

Cerebral Audio respects the rights of all artists to control how their work is distributed. Asking you to include this information with your submission will ensure that your wishes are carried out.

How Much Money Can I Expect?

Probably none. Last years compilation did not make a profit. In fact, none of the past anthology releases have made any money.  CerebralAudio is focused more on the music than it is on profits. However, if this release makes enough money to distribute to the artists, you will be sent an email with a transfer via PayPal.

Note: we do post a suggested price on the Cerebral Audio website. However, this is just a suggestion, and frequently people change the price to zero.

Why Include My Email?

As mentioned above, if there is a profit from this release, a PayPal transfer will be sent to your email.

In addition, your email will be used for any communication needed during the production process for the release.

And finally, I hope to have pre-release versions of the compilation available before the release date. Links to download the pre-release version will be sent to your email.

What Is The Release Date?

Into The Rift Volume Two will be released on July 14th, 2018 as part of the annual Netlabel Day activities.

What Is This Creative Commons Thing?

Creative Commons is an alternative licensing system to using straight Copyright. It uses a licensing system to modify the terms of Copyright to grant your audience additional usage permissions.

Cerebral Audio uses the Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike license supplied by Creative Commons. This license allows users to listen to and share your work as long as (a) it is always attributed to the creator, (b) it is not used for any commercial purposes without your explicit permission.

This is a win for artists as it allows your work to gain the widest possible exposure, while ensuring that you are compensated for use in things like commercials or films.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Just use the CerebralAudio Contact Form, or send me an email:

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