Cold Star

By: Cousin Silas

The world of Netlabels isn’t always the most stable place to release music, and Cousin Silas has had to confront the disappearance of multiple releases in the past. Unfortunately, Cold Star was a recent victim of the instability of the Netlabel world. Fortunately the community of Netlabels is pretty resilient, and an artist like Cousin Silas has no problem finding new homes for releases that are lost.


Artist: Cousin Silas
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Catalog No: CAAM0011
CC License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Liner Notes: George De Bruin
Cover Art: N/A
SKU: CAAM0011DL Categories: , , , Tags: , , , ,


Cold Star made it’s original debut in 2015. Unfortunately, the website it was hosted on disappeared at the beginning of this year. More unfortunate, the owner of the site hadn’t provided any notice that he was taking the site down. Cousin SIlas was left with the task of finding a new home for several release, and fortunately for us, CerebralAudio is the new home for this release.

Many Cousin Silas works are built on the concepts found in science fiction and science. It is one of the most fertile grounds for exploration in an artistic context that is available. Add to this Cousin Silas’s love of pulp science fiction, and interest in things like conspiracy theories and it makes sense where he finds his inspiration.

Cold Star is a long-form recording that creates the ambience of a long journey to another planet. This journey concludes with the view of a brown dwarf star, known as a “cold star”. Cold stars have long been the subject of science fiction, having been referenced in many novels and TV series. In science cold stars are commonly known as brown dwarfs, (or “failed stars”) which are unable to create their own energy due to the lack of molecular cohesion. The result is they give off a faint light based only on the energy they born with.


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