Parts – The Deluxe Edition

By: SoundChaser

SoundChaser returns to CerebralAudio with Parts: the Deluxe Edition of his work for the Mystified Remix Project, including three new pieces.


Artist: SoundChaser
Release Date: 2016-03-08
Catalog No: CAEX0002
CC License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Liner Notes: George De Bruin
Cover Art: N/A
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SoundChaser returns to CerebralAudio once again, this time with Parts: the Deluxe Edition of his work for the Mystified Remix Project. This deluxe edition includes a whole second disc with three new tracks that re-contextualize elements of the original release on Attenuation Circuit (Primes Chimes / Pieces / Patterns).

The challenge of the Mystified Remix Project was to take a series of samples produced by Mystified and create new pieces by using modern editing, manipulation and composition techniques. The limitations were: all samples had to come from a single sample pack (there were four packs available, SoundChaser chose to work with the Various Homemade Percussion samples, which seemed to be the least popular amongst the other participants). No outside samples could be introduced.

For the first half of the recording, SoundChaser produced works by manipulating the samples, and then coming up with sequences that had odd juxtapositions against each other.For this Deluxe Edition, SoundChaser focused on working with the sequences that were in the background of the first tracks. He used various methods of manipulation (changing the pitch, changing the volume, inverting and reversing some of the sequences, and other techniques) to produce a new set of pieces that are both familiar, and yet different from the original works.

The result is an expansive work that serves to exemplify what can be achieved with a few choice sources, while the addition of the second set of works brings about a thematic cohesion of the whole recording (while expanding the depth of the work as a whole). Enjoy this interesting experiment in interchangeable pieces and parts, born from the strange imagination of a sonic explorer who is continually on the lookout for some other strange land to conquer.


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