Xperiments Volume One

By: SoundChaser

This release provides a look into the working process of SoundChaser as he created his first release: Floating Through Mist on The Quays.



Floating Through Mist on the Quays was created by accident.  I remember how it came about quite clearly, if not all of the details…  It was a Saturday, and I was chatting with a few friends online.  There were some gaps in the conversation as they had other things that were going on around them.  While I was waiting for a response, I decided to open Audacity and start playing around with manipulating some audio files.  

The reason for doing this was to create some really ugly, gruesome sounds to use on my podcast: The CerebralMix.  These were supposed to be special effects for the halloween episode of the show. After making a few attempts at creating some interesting sounds, it came to me that I was really coming up with something different than I had originally intended.  So, at that point I put together a mix-down of the material I had been working on, and put a copy on a private share. I then asked a few of my friends to take a listen to it and give me some feedback.  

On this compilation, you can hear that first experiment was just a single sound being manipulated.  This was a sound that would later be layered on to the others.  On Experiment 2, I started working with chopping up the manipulated sounds and layering them.  Experiment 3 takes a more extreme approach to manipulating the sounds — stretching is taken to an extreme, chopping and juxtaposing layers is quite different.  Experiment 4 is where I decided that I needed something different in terms of texture: this was definitely strings originally.  What the original piece is I can’t tell anymore (and I shamefully didn’t document my sources because I never thought I would be releasing this as a standalone work).


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Artist: SoundChaser
Release Date: 2018-02-05
Catalog No: CAST0003
CC License: CC BY-SA 4.0
Liner Notes: George De Bruin
Cover Art: George De Bruin